RULES for Ledalya Kazzak

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RULES for Ledalya Kazzak

Post  Lerautu on Fri Mar 14, 2008 4:35 pm

-Download Group Calendar and Ventrilo 3.1.
-If you are nub enough to not have it et download either Omen or KTM.
-If you do not have DBM or BigWigs you won't get to raid so download it.
-Read tactics for all bosses before raids.
-If you signup for a raid you are going to be online at that time if you are not you are banned from raiding for one week. If this repeats it is a reason to get kicked.
-Do not spam for raid invites. If it is a progress raid needed classes with best stats will get in so get over it. If it is a farm raid people that needs gearing up are prio so get over that as well.
-Pugging without permission of the gm or a vice gm is strictly forbidden. Eventhough one time might be a mistake the second time is definate kick. have to wait till the runs of the guild are complete to pug.
-Watch your language in the guild chat and to each other. Be polite it won't kill you.
-Everyone is allowed one alt on the guild. albino


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