Progress and Rules

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Progress and Rules

Post  Lerautu on Thu Mar 20, 2008 12:19 am

Karazhan on farm one shotted first day of guild. (on farm)
Za 2/6 nalorak and akil didnt try the others yet
Gruul and High King on 19th March (on farm)
SSC started this week. Lurker Down. 4th of april.

-Download Group Calendar and Ventrilo 3.1.
-If you are nub enough to not have it et download either Omen or KTM.
-If you do not have DBM or BigWigs you won't get to raid so download it.
-Read tactics for all bosses before raids.
-If you signup for a raid you are going to be online at that time if you are not you are banned from raiding for one week. If this repeats it is a reason to get kicked.
-Do not spam for raid invites. If it is a progress raid needed classes with best stats will get in so get over it. If it is a farm raid people that needs gearing up are prio so get over that as well.
-Pugging without permission of the gm or a vice gm is strictly forbidden. Eventhough one time might be a mistake the second time is definate kick. have to wait till the runs of the guild are complete to pug.
-Watch your language in the guild chat and to each other. Be polite it won't kill you.
-Everyone is allowed one alt on the guild.


Attending a progress raid from start till it is called of = 10 dkp
Every new boss kill= 15dkp
Possitive Atttude = (such as passing on an item even if you have won) 5dkp

Every kind of slacking= -5 dkp
Faking a dc= -15dkp
Continuious pattern of dc=1 week of banning from raiding


Maximum bid for tier pieces is 30
Maximum bid for random pieces is 20

Maximum bidders will roll. Auction will be silent whispering the loot master.

The loots are tank prio to be decided amongst the tanks . The tanks will pay the maximum bid for the items they claim.


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