Void Reaver Tacc! Updated

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Void Reaver Tacc! Updated

Post  Pota on Sat Mar 29, 2008 11:49 am

Ok boys and girls.
As u see the healers are staying around the circle, not to close, cause of the Pounding. The casters need to stay away and right behind the healers.. pretty close to eachother... and this is important, if you guys are to faar away from eachother you risk not getting heal when u need it!

We will have one person heal only melee, the rest of the healers heal THEIRE group only and the tanks.. that means about 3-4 healers constantly on the tanks, while some are busy healing up theire party. But in theory ranged/casters/healers should never get hit by Arcane Orb! but sadly someone just cant go away Razz. AFTER the orb has landed.. run back to ure position! And continue ure heal/dps... and btw, when an orb is incoming, stop heal, stop dmg and run.. u cant finish anything off then since it has 20yards range!

I advice u guy to use Violet Badget which gives some stamina and 45 arcane resistance which is enough tbh, it helps alittle.

Melee: DPS and watch Treath meter, bandage when ure low and dont get heals!
Healers: One healer heals Melee, rest heals tank and theire own group. Watch Arcane Orb!
Casters: DPS like hell and watch`Treath meter! Again watch Orbs!
Hunters: Give missdirection to the tanks all the time!, and dps, still watch ure treathmeter and Orbs!

This is an easy fight and then Al'ar Smile U almost need the same ppl on Al'ar as on Void Reaver. 4 tanks and 7 healers which u sometimes bring to VR to.

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Re: Void Reaver Tacc! Updated

Post  nefarious on Sat Mar 29, 2008 2:20 pm

to make it REALLY easy you should add voidreaver alarm.

it makes your entire screen blue if you are near a bomb.
you place a marker on the floor when you got a bomb incoming and it post the info to all the other players, so if your screen turns blue, start running and just watch the counter you got, when it hits 20+(when it should disappear too) you are safe.

unfortunately it also require all players to have it installed, but its the best addon for vr after threat meter Smile


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