ZA - Janalai The Dragonhawk Lord

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ZA - Janalai The Dragonhawk Lord

Post  Lerautu on Sat Apr 05, 2008 8:28 am

Dragonhawk lord Jan'Alai

General Information:
Health: Around 960,000
Phases/Forms: One phase; enrages at 25%

Flame Breath: Jan'alai casts a random flame breath that hits for about 4k on plate and 5.5k on cloth
Summon Hatchers: Every 60 seconds Jan'alai will summon 2 hatchers that will hatch dragonhawk eggs
Teleport/Fireball: Teleports the raid to the center of the platform and then lays fireball mines on the floor around the platform

Group Recomendations:
2 AoE casters
AoE is very useful in this fight to kill groups of dragonhawks quickly. Without AoE the dragonhawks would require a substantial more time to down, which is a problem considering the frantic pace and movement of the fight.


Positioning Before the Pull

Jan'alai starts standing atop a platform area with smaller platforms on each side connected by a short bridge. The smaller platforms contain Dragonhawk eggs that will be hatched throughout the fight by the Hatchers and finally by Jan'alai himself. Jan'alai casts a Flame Breath spell that targets a random player and does damage in a conical area in front of him. The Breath weapon has a fairly short range so healers and ranged DPS should have no trouble staying clear. Fire breath targets a random player and deals damage to all players in a cone radius of that player, so it is recomended for the ranged classes to spread out around the boss.

After beginning the battle, approx. every 60 seconds or so he will call two non-elite Hatchers who appear at the stairs where the group enters and run onto the platforms to hatch the Dragonhawk eggs. The Hatchers may may go each to a different egg platform or both to the same egg platform. The resulting Dragonhawks Hatchlings, although fairly weak, can overwhelm lightly armored classes quickly and even more heavily armored classes in numbers. The Hatchers will hatch the Dragonhawk eggs in a multiples every tick i.e. the first tick he hatches one, the next tick two, then four, etc. This spawns the Dragonhawks very quickly so keeping track of the Hatchers becomes important. Although the Hatchers are weak and easily killed, killing only one and allowing the other to hatch a small number of Dragonhawk eggs each time they spawn is a good idea because it means fewer Dragonhawks will be spawned near the end of the fight when Jan'alai calls on the remaining eggs to hatch. Care must be taken with the number hatched since the Dragonhawks should be killed before the next teleport/fire ball spell cast because trying to AoE down too many Dragonhawks while avoiding the fire balls is almost impossible.

Positioning During Normal DPS

At intervals (approx. 30 sec.) Jan'alai teleports himself and the whole raid to the center rise of the platform and casts a spell that creates fireballs that almost cover the platform leaving only small clear areas in which to stand. Although the fire balls themselves do no damage when touched and can be moved through to find a clear area, after about 10 seconds or so they explode with an 8-12k splash damage radius approx. the size of the fireball itself. During this time all exits from the main platform are blocked off by a wall of fire, and will kill you if you try to pass through.

Positioning During Fireballs

When Jan'alai's health reaches 35% he will hatch all of the remaining Dragonhawk eggs. If you have not allowed the Hatchers to spawn a few eggs during the fight this can produce a large amount of Dragonhawks and will probably wipe the raid. Once you've pushed him through the 25% mark he will enrage, attacking 50% faster and each attack causing 50% more damage.

Tips and Tricks:
The boss is resetable by running to the bottom on the stairs The hatchers come from the stairs after every 2 fireball teleports A holy paladin with rightous fury/concentration aura activated and healing is a good way to round up loose dragonhawks



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