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ZA - Witch Doctor Zuljin

Post  Lerautu on Sat Apr 05, 2008 8:32 am

Every phase change he does do a threat wipe, when he turns into an Eagle you do not need to worry about a threat list though as explained below. He changes phases every 20%.

Phase 1:
Watch out for his whirlwind (melee range). He also casts a debuff similar to the one in Slave Pens that does a dd and then ticks until the player is topped off. Seems like it was only around 2500-3000 damage, so if you are good at assist healing you can downrank accordingly to top them off just enough so they do not take any ticks.

Phase 2:
As soon as he starts this phase you will notice everyone gets a Paralysis debuff. Dispell it off the main tank and yourself, then other healers if time (or the tank doesn't need a heal). DPS etc do not need it dispelled. After 5 seconds of having the debuff, you will become stunned and take a little damage, assign someone to top people off before the next. He can hit decently hard, so keep the tank topped.

Phase 3:
Stay away from the tornados that spawn and move around the room. They knock you back and deal around 1k damage. If you are a caster (yes healers included) everytime you cast you will get hit for about 1250 damage. The key thing to do in this phase is not get cornered by tornados and stay alive. Heal over time spells really make this phase much easier. Melee need to try and burn him down as quick as they can as they get no punishment for doing damage.

Phase 4:
Lynx form he melees fairly weak all around. He also will fixate upon a random player in the raid and melee them. Intervene near the end of the 10 second or so phase to help out squishy people. Also does a weak version of the whirlwind Leotheras / end boss of Shattered Halls. I think it also places a debuff on people that will make them take more damage, it's either this or the fixate. Watch debuffs and note that that person will need extra heals.

Phase 5:
As stated above, you will get a buffet like debuff put on you every so often. He will choose random people throughout the raid and place a beam of fire on them. If they are not topped they will probably die due to the debuff. It's a simple phase if people are good at staying out of void zones.

Intro: Everybody always wanna take from us. Now we gonna start takin' back. Anybody who get in our way...gonna drown in their own blood! De Amani empire be back now...seekin' vengeance. And we gonna start...with you!
Aggro: Nobody badduh dan me!
Berserk: You too slow! Me too strong!
Death: Mebbe me fall...but da Amani empire...never gonna die...

Form Changes and Spells
Transforms into Lynx: Let me introduce to you my new bruddahs: fang and claw!
Transforms into Dragonhawk: Ya don' have to look to da sky to see da dragonhawk!
Dragonhawk Fire Breath: Fire kill you just as quick!
Transforms into Eagle: Dere be no hidin' from da eagle!
Transforms into Bear: Got me some new me bruddah bear!

Player Deaths
Da Amani de chuka!
Lot more gonna fall like you!


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