Fathom lord Karathress

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Fathom lord Karathress

Post  Pota on Sat Apr 05, 2008 1:17 pm

Melee: Low enough to keep one healer constantly on the main tank (until he gains new abilities)
Cataclysmic Bolt: A shadow bolt damaging a random single target for 50% of their total health. The bolt can be completely resisted but not partially. Occurs every 10 seconds with an 80 yard range.
Karathress with enrage after 10 minutes of the initial pull, wiping the entire raid rather quickly.

Karathress comes with three Fathom-Guards, each with unique abilities.

Gained Abilities:

-Power of Sharkkis: Once Sharkkis dies, Karathress will gain The Beast Within and turns red while increasing damage dealt by 30%.
-Power of Tidalvess: Once Tidalvess dies, Karathress gains the ability to summon a Spitfire Totem with 25000 health for 1 min that repeatedly attacks multiple players for 2550 to 3450 Fire damage.
-Power of Caribdis: Once Caribdis dies, Karathress will Tidal Surge players by stunning all within a 10 yard range every 15-20 seconds. It also freezes the players in an ice block for 3 seconds.

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