resto druid wanna join LEDALYA

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resto druid wanna join LEDALYA

Post  thetre on Sun Apr 06, 2008 11:25 pm

Char name: Thetre
Class: Resto Druid
Current spec: 3/0/58
Amount of days played on lvl 70: 58 days.. its my old naxx AQ chare Smile
Raiding experience: on this chare MC BWL Naxx AQ all the old scoole instance and a littel karaz..
On my old main resto shaman Karaz: full Gruuls:full Mag:full SSC:5/6 TK:3/5 ZA 2/7
IRL name: Kran Byskov
Age: 18
Nationality: Denmark Very Happy
Are you willing to respec if raid requires so?: well im best at healing Smile bot if you need me to respec okay Smile
How often can you raid?: well all days i ges Smile
Why do you want to join lerautu was talking in genneral chatten that you where needing new members and i was fing why not Smile its its looks like its a good guild whit a good progres Smile
Do you know anyone in the guild? If yes, who?: well i never heard about this guild.. and i bin playing on this sever for ages.. bot the anser is no Sad bot hope to get a loot of freinds in here Smile and have a good time
What is your previous/current guild?: dont have any old guild on this sever...
Why did you leave?: it was a dead sever and i wantet to have my druid in to this sever where all my freinds is Very Happy
Gear? Link to armory will suffice: i know i need to work a littel on him Smile

well i hope you like my apply
if theres anyfing els you want to know you can just wisper me ingang Very Happy
and thanks for your time Smile


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